What We Do

ArtsJunktion mb has grown from a “repurposing” dream into an organization with thousands of members, loyal donors, and its own depot space in the heart of Winnipeg’s Exchange District.

ArtsJunktion is a community-based, charitable organization committed to redistributing reusable materials at no charge to the public. ArtsJunktion reclaims “waste” materials from businesses, which would otherwise end up in the landfill. These materials are brought to the ArtsJunktion depot where they are sorted and made available to artists, teachers, early childhood educators, crafters, the general public and community organizations.

Not only does ArtsJuntkion provide reclaimed materials to the public, it also provides art workshops with an emphasis on repurposed materials. Workshops are led by artists and focus on various art techniques that often highlight environmental sustainability.

ArtsJunktion functions on the principle of reciprocity. Businesses benefit by reducing their waste and contributing to the arts. Artists benefit from having access to inspiring materials and paid employment opportunities. The public benefits from having a wealth of material resources, as well as artists to work with and a workshop space to be creative and learn new techniques!