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Nuit Blanche at ArtsJunktion

Saturday, September 27th: 1pm – 1am

ArtsJunktion will host local artist Kelly Ruth, live at the Depot

Using microphones attached to the weaving loom, Kelly Ruth creates a live soundscape while weaving cloth.

Through manipulating sounds, the loom is given a voice speaking from it’s perspective on the situation we are in as an industrialized society.
To counter the “drive through” pace of contemporary society the artist will weave her cloth for 12 hours, with breaks for public discussion at 4:00 & 8:00 pm.


 Unique Ideas – 

Using Supplies Sourced at ArtsJunktion!

Thank you to Karyn, who took up our invitation and sent in this photo of corkboards she and her family created as homemade Christmas gifts this past season using material from ArtsJunktion!  Karyn was inspired to create gifts from the heart as opposed to store bought trinkets, and thanks AJ for our commitment to keeping creative hearts in the community active and finding items a new life instead of one ending in the landfill.

and also
Ruth painted the picture you see here using the supplies she picked up at ArtsJunktion awhile ago. Ruth used the paint samples almost exclusively to paint the high-key painting of the sea at sunset, except for a bit of darker paint from another source for the few blue wave shadows and a bit of the sky.

Ruth writes, “Thanks for a great source of good stuff!”

How have YOU used materials found at ArtsJunktion??! Please send your photo and description to website@artsjunktion.mb.ca and we will share it with others!

























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